The Delilah Threaders P1040019.jpg

The Delilah Threaders

from 78.00
The Brady Hoops unnamed-1.jpg

The Brady Hoops

from 48.00
The Avery Threaders (gold) unnamed-1.jpg

The Avery Threaders (gold)

from 90.00
Avery Threaders (Rose Gold IMG_1612.jpg
sold out

Avery Threaders (Rose Gold

Avery Threaders (silver) IMG_1346.jpg

Avery Threaders (silver)

The Audra Hoops  IMG_1371.jpg

The Audra Hoops

from 88.00
The Kristin Hoop Studs (gold) unspecified.jpg
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The Kristin Hoop Studs (gold)

Small Harlowe Earrings IMG_1269.jpg

Small Harlowe Earrings

from 84.00
The Heidi Stud Earrings IMG_1268 (2).jpg
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The Heidi Stud Earrings

The Cameden Studs P1040199 (2).jpg

The Cameden Studs

The Amelie Stud Earrings 7.jpg
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The Amelie Stud Earrings

Large Harlowe Earrings unnamed.jpg
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Large Harlowe Earrings

from 98.00
The Kristin Hoops Studs (silver) unspecified-2.jpg
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The Kristin Hoops Studs (silver)

The Alana Studs IMG_1750 (1).jpg
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The Alana Studs

from 88.00
The Dylan Earrings P1040017 (1).jpg

The Dylan Earrings

from 68.00